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2019 NH Progressive Summit Workshop Proposal

The NH Progressive Summit welcomes proposals for workshops or roundtables for Saturday, June 15th. Sessions will be one hour long in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon. There will also be time for “Ignite” presentations – during this block presenters have 3-5 minutes to provide an issue briefing or update, or to give a short motivational speech, on the topic of their choosing to all NH Progressive Summit participants. Topics can vary from personal stories to practical tips to funny or inspirational big-picture ideas, and creativity is highly encouraged. Popular education tactics, slam poetry, powerpoint presentations, or the tested and true speech all work. Individuals and issue campaigns selected for Ignite will be required to provide a live or video-taped preview one week in advance of the summit and content cannot promote any candidate, party, or candidate committee.

In all of the proposals we are looking for sessions that provide new skills or lead to a deeper understanding about progressive issues facing New Hampshire in 2019 and beyond. Please be prepared to highlight how your session will help build the progressive movement or advance a progressive policy in New Hampshire. It is expected that each workshop will engage workshop participants in dialogue and provide action steps to be taken during the workshop or immediately after. We also encourage all presenters to show an understanding of the elements of diversity (such as race, class, age, gender identities, ability, regionalism) with relation to each workshop's theme.

Proposals are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis; the final deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, May 31st. There is limited space for sessions so it is important to submit your proposal as early as possible to ensure the best chance for your session being approved. Upon receipt of your proposal the Program Committee will decide if it fits and will notify you as soon as a decision is made, but no later than Monday, June 3rd.

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