I'm interested in NH's first-ever Guns To Gardens event!

To bring an unwanted, unloaded firearm, feel free to show up on June 10th, no RSVP needed. To learn more about the program or volunteer, read on.

Location: Greater Concord NH
Date: Saturday, June 10, 2023
Time:  10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Our Guns to Gardens event will provide the opportunity for gun owners to bring their unwanted firearms to a central location where we will provide the service of disabling those firearms and turning them into garden tools.

How It Works

Bring your unloaded firearm(s) in the trunk of your car or bed of truck.

Your identity can remain anonymous.

A volunteer will guide you through the process when you arrive.

Remain in your vehicle at all times.

The gun(s) will be removed from your vehicle by a volunteer who will deliver it to the chop saw operator.

The chop saw operator will disable the gun. Scrap metal from the firearms will be donated to the project and go to a metal artist to be later transformed into garden tools and other works of art.   

Why It Is Needed

Under state law, NH law enforcement officials are prohibited from destroying firearms which come into their possession and must either store the firearms or sell them back out on the market.  A way to voluntarily return and disable unwanted firearms is essential for NH residents who no longer wish to have a firearm in their homes and do not want to put those firearms back into circulation. 

Ways Community Members Can Help

 About Guns to Gardens

Guns to Gardens is hosted by GunSense NH, a project of Granite State Progress, the NH Council of Churches, and other partners. The first Guns to Gardens began as a project of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence and has grown into a nationwide effort to reduce the number of unwanted guns (and thereby gun deaths) in our country.  Supporting organizations include RAWtools, The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, and the Gun Safety Alliance.

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