HB 350, Prohibiting Firearms at Polling Places, Like Schools & Churches

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    Subject: Take action to keep guns out of schools
    There is a state level bill to prohibit firearms in polling locations, which are often located in schools and churches – some of which are open on Election Day. It is up for an important vote. Please check out this action alert to take action on it:

    Send a letter to your State Representative(s) using the sample language below. You can edit the letter to personalize it or send it right now. Additional facts are listed below the sample letter.

    Recognizing that guns have no place in our nation’s schools, the federal government has taken steps to make our elementary and secondary schools safer from gun violence by adopting: 1) The Gun-Free School Zones Act; and 2) The Gun-Free Schools Act. Establishing gun-free school zones – that prohibit possession of a gun within a school, on school property, or within a set distance of school property – helps to secure schools from gun-related violence and crime. Currently, only adults with valid concealed carry licenses may carry within a school in New Hampshire. New Hampshire, however, has no such state law limiting firearms within schools, open or concealed carry, and during the last election state officials made it known they could not enforce laws to keep firearms out of polling locations located in schools – some of which are open on Election Day. HB 350 would prohibit firearms in polling locations and provide New Hampshire with jurisdiction to enforce that law.