Apply for a GSP State House Accountability Meeting

Granite State Progress is hosting research briefings on the issue statements and vote records of our Governor, Executive Councilor, State Senator, and State Representatives on major issues facing our state, followed by distribution of district-specific accountability tools to help local groups hold politicians' feet to the fire. The presentation includes a group discussion on how to increase public awareness and civic participation to make sure elected officials are voting in the best interest of their constituents. This hands-on strategy session is intended for action-oriented groups and requires certain commitments from the host organization and/or community member(s) due to the amount of work it takes to prepare district specific accountability materials. Apply now for an accountability meeting and district-specific accountability tools.

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    Host Local Town Hall or Media Event (with support)
    Distribute Localized Digital Content w/Vote Records, Statements
    Write Letters to the Editor
    Birddog Elected Officials or Candidates
    Raise Money for Local Accountability District Mailing
    Phone Calls to Elected Officials
    Phone Calls to Volunteers / Patch-Thru Action Calls
    Canvass Days for Door-to-Door Constituent Updates
    Participate in State House Public Hearings
    Submit State House Public Testimony
    Other (please list below)